Christianity and Women

In Christianity, there has been a lot of debate that Christianity itself is a very sexist religion as it is very male-dominated in its teachings. “The trouble with the Father and the Son for many women is that it sounds like two buddies.  It’s like two buddies going on a trip, or a father-son relationship … Continue reading

The Wisdom of God

We often rely so much on our own wisdom and knowledge on how to solve our daily issues, which in turn, cause us so much pressure when things don’t work out the way we plan them to even after trying our best at tackling them. The wisdom of God is unique in His own way … Continue reading

The Omnipotence of God

As human beings, our power is limited.  We strive so hard to gain power in this world through our studies, careers as well as how successful our family unit is.  But, no matter how we try, our power towards our life is limited.  Some of us, try to obtain worldly power through unscrupulous methods such as … Continue reading

The Omnipresence of God

Omnipresence is the second in the trilogy of God’s “omni” atis very tributes.  The word omnipresence is very simple to understand:  Omni means ‘all’ and presence is a common word; having to with locality.   This simply means that God’s complete essence is fully present in all places at all times. Where can I go from Your … Continue reading

The All Knowing God

As we know by now, that God is all knowing.  We cannot hide away from Him neither can we think that we could fool Him by doing all sorts of things to evade His sight. The author of Hebrews said, “All things are open and laid bare in the eyes of Him with whom we have to do” … Continue reading

God’s Glory

15/8/11 God does what he pleases: Old Testament. The earth is the Lord’s and all it contains. the world. and those who dwell in it (psalm 24:1) What god’s soul desire, that He does. (Job 23:13) I know you can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted. (Job 42:2) Our … Continue reading

Getting Reconnected

The past two months have been a total limbo for me.  With the set up of the centre to the spiritual struggles I have within  me, it was just too much to handle.  Somehow, on this particular morning, I feel a sense of urgency to write after being quiet for the past two months.  This … Continue reading

Being Angry with God

I have been somewhat building on a growing contempt for God the past 2 months and I somehow can’t shake off that feeling and I have no idea why I am feeling like this.  I have been angry with things that I hardly know why and my temper has been somewhat uncontrollable.  Being close to … Continue reading

Being Busy with Life

Have you ever felt that you are just too busy for anything else other than work?  Do you ever feel that your days are consumed by work and there’s no free time for you to do what you love doing?  Do you ever feel that your daily life has become an insane routine of commuting … Continue reading